Struggling with a persistent injury or physical setback/impairment? Sudden loss of co-ordination or hand function? Memory loss? Require assistance with basic daily tasks? Loss of interest and joy in life? Chronic fatigue? Permanent pain? Bleeding on the brain? Decrease in self-care?

Marli Smit Occupational Therapists would love to evaluate you and your loved ones to help you recover independence and live your life to your current potential.

Our initial evaluation with adult clients tends to be shorter in duration than with children. We meet you, evaluate your functional skills, ask what you are having trouble with in your home and work life. Talk to your family, if required, should that shed more light on the challenges you are experiencing. In some cases, we help families and elderly patients plan for the immediate future.

Refer to our Special Interests section to discover our focus areas pertaining to
Occupational Therapy with adults and elderly persons.